Hi! I’m Sharon from Simple Family Wellness!


I am a wife to my fantastic husband, mother to five beautiful and crazy kiddos, Registered Dietitian and homeschooling mama! Whew! That’s a lot of hats and I love each of them.

I served in the Navy after studying oceanography at the United States Naval Academy and being on the ocean was fantastic; the stars, the sound of the waves . . . I loved it. Then I re-connected with my childhood crush and we got married. I decided to shift into a healthcare career but before I really got that going we had our son! As a result of that little bundle of joy I decided to stay home, instead.


Then things changed.


About this time I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, my mother was diagnosed with a major, life changing digestive issue and my husband was training for a military assignment. Breastfeeding our new little guy wasn’t the peaceful motherhood experience I’d wanted and we put him on formula. I felt so guilty and defeated.

All of the sudden I realized just how little nutrition knowledge I really had. I was essentially operating in the dark. I began researching nutrition for endurance athletes, nutrition for my mom’s condition, infant nutrition, and there was only one book about my disease I could find, so I read that. It was overwhelming.


I had an Idea!!!


For the first time I came to understand the phrase, “you (REALLY) are what you eat,” and decided I was going to help other people with nutrition questions. But how could I do that staying home with now, not just one, but two little people?

I went back to school and pursued a second degree in Dietetics and (finally) credentialed as a Registered Dietitian – a nationally recognized nutrition expert! I started this website and, after having three more babies and regaining my health, I’m proud to say it is ready for you!


This website is for you, mama.

Are you the mom who:

  • would like to shed the last couple pounds of baby fluff to feel confident and healthy ?
  • suspects food sensitivities?
  • has picky eaters?
  • has special needs kiddos?
  • has aging parents?
  • has her own diagnosis?
  • who just wants to do her best!

As a mom your time is already in high demand. Simple Family Wellness will help demystify nutrition, explain complicated concepts in accurate, easy to understand formats, answer your questions and help you guide your family, and yourself, to the optimum level of wellness. I’ve cut through the extra information and done the research for you.

Thanks for reading about me! Now, I’d really like to hear about you!

Take Care!