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Simple Family Wellness Reveals...
How You Can Have the Christmas You've Always Wanted. 

Learn the one word you need to create space in your calendar.

Learn how to gracefully handle the food at family dinners, parties and buffets while maintaining your health and wellness.

Appendix with Bonus Recipes and Links to Additional Resources.

Just reading this put me more at ease for the upcoming barrage of holiday activities. I love the practical, usable advice for scheduling commitments and being prepared for mindful eating throughout the season. Read this, read it again and then practice.

Kim K, KH Kellum Art & Illustration

This e-book is an easy and light-hearted read to keep healthy in the holiday season and our focus where it needs to be - on the birth of our Savior. The subject echoes some thoughts that have been flowing through my mind and will serve as a great resource as I embrace this season.

Stephanie D, Alaska, USA

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