Reach Your Goals in 2016

Never make a poorly planned goal again! Check out these tips and listen to the Webinar . . .

Never make a poorly planned goal again! Check out these tips and listen to the Webinar . . .

Happy New Year!

Oh boy, 2016 is upon us and that means many of us are setting Resolutions. I love a blank slate and a new goal but there is a lot of information “noise” out there this time of year with regards to improving your health, losing ten pounds and “having your best year ever!”

How do you sift through all of it to find quality information and really get the chance to improve yourself, if that’s what you’re after? This is a good place to start. I’m not here to push any particular heath or wellness goal on you and I would rather you decide for yourself what you want to improve.

One of the most important things for personal success is planning and that requires setting a goal the way professionals do. They aren’t general goals like, “lose 10 pounds,” or, “get healthier.” There is a lot more to them than that. In that regard, I’ve come up with a few tips to get you started this year towards whatever your goal is, be it health related or not.

Tips for setting a goal you can actually achieve!

1. Make sure the goal is actually yours. Doing something for your significant other, spouse, mom or kids can be a great motivator, but when those people are the source of stress will you still be sticking to your desire to better yourself for them? Make your goal for yourself. It sounds selfish, but it will benefit you, and them, in the long run.

2. How long will it take to see those benefits? If the answer is, “a long time,” break it up into smaller sets so you can have some success before the big achievement.

3. How much thought did you put into your resolution? Just because today is January 1st, 2016 doesn’t mean you have to start today. Taking the time to plan out a course of action will reap far more benefits than a half-baked plan hastily thrown together today.

If you’d still like more information or assistance with getting your goals ready to go, I am hosting a free webinar on January 4th at 2:30pm Eastern Time and 11:30am Pacific Time and you can register here. I also offer a goal setting service which you can find here. There is also an audio file here.

Don’t let the opportunities and momentum of a New Year and clean slate pass you by, but don’t make the mistake of having a sloppy goal and running out of steam. You can have your best year yet, it just takes some planning!

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