My Food Philosophy

Eat Real Food
My philosophy of nutrition and wellness is a little bit different than what you may find somewhere else. I believe nutrition is the original preventive medicine and that wellness is far more than the absence of disease. In fact, I believe the two go hand in hand.

Excellent nutrition requires understanding the difference between fueling our bodies (which is important) and nourishing our bodies. Fueling the body entails putting food and fluid in for maintenance, energy and growth. Nourishing the body entails understanding our relationship to food, our relationship to ourselves and how the two are intertwined. With this understanding we can move forward with improved and appropriate fueling and improved nutritional outcomes.

Wellness is also a multifaceted aspect of our heath. It is, again, more than just the absence of disease: it is a state in which we are self-confident, able to cope with stress gracefully and disciplined in the art of discerning our needs for work, rest and play. There is much more to it and how you measure your level of wellness is unique to who you are.

In working to improve our health through nutrition and wellness protocols we learn how to work with our bodies, not against them. “Diet” is a bad word around here and I don’t like to use it for its most common meaning. We are working towards slow, purposeful, long term lifestyle changes. Not a quick fix.

I believe in addressing what may be poor nutritional choices as well as exploring avenues for reducing or better coping with stress and effective goal setting techniques. My approach combines research and techniques from the areas of clinical dietetics, pain management, visualization technique, yoga, parasympathetic nervous system activation and lifestyle changes.

When it comes to food I prefer whole foods. Real food. I don’t tend to use terms like, “clean eating,” because that implies a good/bad emphasis on foods. We are trying to heal our relationship with food and ourselves . . . if I say clean I mean it’s been washed. I do not ask clients to exclude any particular food groups/types (ie grains) unless we decide together, after detailed exploration, that it may be warranted. We are looking to nourish ourselves, not restrict and punish. There will be foods you decide to eliminate, but we will make those decisions together as small increments towards greater change.

As you explore the website you will come across items related to all of these areas. I am constantly learning and researching and pass all that new information on to you, my readers and clients. There are so many reasons people land here: those trying to overcome eating disorders, parents with children who are overweight, people with new diagnosis, some who just don’t feel their best and want to feel good again. Read through the blog, take a look at what Simple Family Wellness does and, when you’re ready, let me know how I can assist you in attaining your nutrition and wellness goals.

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