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Nutrition Coaching Services

Services Offered

Food Log Review $75
The Food Log Review is an analysis of your eating and drinking habits. After submission of your Log, I will analyze your intake of Macronutrients (Carbs, Protein, Fat, Water), Vitamins and Minerals and make recommendations based on your food preferences. There is a 7 business day turnaround for this service and no phone consult.
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Nutrition Assessment $150
A Nutrition Assessment is a great way to find out where you are in your wellness journey. If you are just starting out it gives you a baseline, your point “A.” If you have been working on improving your health it can be validation for hard work or an indication more change is needed. It is a valuable tool for anyone on the road to improved wellness. It consists of a medical questionnaire with your medical history, current conditions, and nutritional data, anthropometric data and more! I will go over the information you provide and send you a detailed report within 10 business days.
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Add a 30 min phone consult for $25
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Goal Setting $99
Success in health and wellness improvement relies on effective goal setting. Sharon uses a combination of S.M.A.R.T. goals and her own methodology of Foundational Goal Setting to assist her clients in attaining the level of success they desire. This service includes an emailed questionnaire and two, 45 minute phone, Skype or FaceTime consultations. Once the questionnaire is returned, I will schedule the consultations.
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Grocery Store Tour (local to Fairbanks, AK only) $90 individual, $170 up to three attendees, $250 up to five attendees
Confidence when selecting items for your self or your family while grocery shopping is key to improving health and wellness. Whether you have a new diagnosis requiring a change to your diet, want to learn how to navigate the aisles of marketing or want to learn the best way to shop to maximize budget and nutrition, this is the Tour for you! It includes a questionnaire emailed to each attendee and a guided tour based on questionnaire answers.
Add a lesson on money saving coupon/rebate Apps for iPhone and Android for $10/individual, $5/attendee for groups of two or more.
**This service must be set up by phone or email prior to payment.**

For questions about or to schedule any of these services, please email to get set up!

I do not currently file insurance claims. If you desire, I will provide you with a Super Bill which you may file with your insurance. Not all insurance plans cover Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) or visits with Registered Dietitians.