Shopping, Thinking, Gluten Free, Breastfeeding and Forgetting Stuff

I have recently been mulling over whether or not I wasted a lot of time, effort and money is pursuing my second degree/Dietetics Verification Statement. Why? Because I am about to have baby number four and this has forced me to postpone applying for the required internship. This makes me: 1. Nervous I won’t be selected for an internship. 2. Worried about leaving an active two year old with my mom. 3. Worried about pretty much missing the first year or so of Number Four’s life. 5. Anxious about sending the big kids to school, public or otherwise. 4. Wondering if I really want to finish the process of earning the designation of Registered Dietitian. Yeesh.

I LOVE writing and researching for this blog, which is reassuring and as such I am continuing to write and research and have a to-write list longer than is probably prudent. I still get excited thinking about eventually publishing a book about family nutrition and I desperately want to finish my Nutrition Curriculum for Children. But the internship is daunting: it isn’t easy. I’d have to be on my A-game the whole time. I still have to sit for an exam and STUDY STUDY STUDY. None of this part worries me, per se. I enjoy hard work and would rather be under pressure to get a job done than not. But, what if I fail? That’s what gets me. Failure.

So, wondering about that, trying to start up my product line and grocery shopping this evening, I walked into the local military grocery store. I have a mild addiction to the Cherry Pie Lara Bars so that is where I always start. I also keep an eye out for lower prices on specialty flours so I can develop recipes and make some of my favorites. It was when reaching for a finally normally priced bag of Almond Meal that a woman asked me a question. “Excuse me, you don’t happen to know anything about gluten free baking, do you?”

Why, yes. Yes I do. I did a research paper and developed a recipe specifically for baking gluten free blueberry muffins with a healthier fiber content: muffins you could eat and if they rolled off the table wouldn’t dent the floor or endanger small children. “Yes, ma’am. I can help you out.”

She was baking cookies, among other things, for her son and his fraternity. One of his brothers is a Celiac sufferer and she wanted him to be able to eat everything she sent. The next 10 or so minutes was me helping her select a baking mix, xanthan gum (we had to decide if she really needed it or not), telling her about what to avoid in conventional items and where to find gluten free chocolate chips in the commissary. She was really grateful and I was surprised at how much I was actually able to help her. By the time we were finished she had all the supplies she needed to bake GF oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and make GF Chex Mix based puppy chow. What a great mom!

I walked away from that conversation smack into another one. A first time mom heard me helping the other woman and asked me if I knew how to give liquid medicines to a 15 month old who exclusively breastfed and refused cups or bottles of any kind. (Yay, BFing that long is awesome!!!!!) I was able to help her, too. Mostly I reassured her that breastmilk is still the best and helped her select some items her daughter would eat and would adequately hide the meds. By the way, her daughter was stinking adorable and ridiculously well behaved for a 15 month old at dinner time. It was another great conversation.

By this time I was running really late and had to feed my own clan. I finished up as quickly as I could and started home. I was feeling pretty good since the two encounters really helped me see that yes, I DO want the respect and recognition of being a Registered Dietitian. Yes, my market is out there and has questions I can answer, even now. I desire strongly for this blog to be written from a place of authority and earning the Registered Dietitian title helps me in that regard. I want my readers to know I’m not a quack, I do real research and I come from a background of education in the area of nutrition. It’s important to me for clients and readers to know I’ve put in time to learn not just about food and calories, but their specific conditions and needs. I went home feeling pretty good and ready to tackle the application for the spring internship selections. Wish me luck!

Although I forgot bread. Dang.

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